Our Beginnings

Newly married couple moves away from big city.

Couple has first baby.

Wife quits job.

Husband’s startup closes up.

Wife (somehow) gets pregnant again.

Couple decides now would be a good time to start own business.

You’d think there’d be an easier way.

But what we learned is that successful companies aren’t born overnight. (Neither are kids, thankfully.) They’re also not always born in fancy lofts, in famous cities. They can be born on a quiet street, in a nice town, in an old house, by a young couple. Two people just crazy enough to think what the world needs now is another new business. And so, feet first, we did it. Because if we didn’t, then it would be back to the big city with the big commutes and the boss in the big corner office.

And what do you know, it’s actually working. Like all things that grow, we’ve needed more space and more support. Not to mention, more warm bodies to help out with the babysitting. One by one, the company has grown and with it the dreams, the friendships and the challenges.

So that’s our beginning. See what we’ve been up to recently.